The life you always wanted is ready and waiting for you.

The life you always wanted is ready and waiting for you.


If you’re craving more joy, fulfillment, fun and pleasure in life, it’s time for a change. You deserve to live a life you love.

If you’re craving more joy, fulfillment, fun and pleasure in life, it’s time for a change. You deserve to live a life you love.


  • Give yourself permission to get hungry for what you want.
  • Say yes to your dreams and desires instead of wishing things were different.
  • Create plans and choose feel-goals that are achievable and feel right for you.
  • And feel proud of yourself for living a life aligned with your values and overflowing with purpose, peace, and pleasure.

Let’s stop waiting for “someday” and start creating the life you want today!

If you’re like many of the people I work with, you’re a successful professional.

You checked all the “right” boxes in work and in life, but somehow, it’s not what you expected. You may be feeling boredom, burnout, or all the emotions in between.

Hell, you might feel like you made all the right moves, did all the things, and all you got was this lousy t-shirt! Is this it?!

If I’m reading your mind, keep reading.

I’m Alexis. After working in advertising for 15 years, I hit burnout. Hard. On paper, my life and career looked pretty good. I checked all the right boxes. I had a coveted job, working as a Marketing Director for an organization that brought performing arts to Alaska. I got to travel to New York every year and see a million shows. Free Broadway tickets? Who wouldn’t love this job?!

It was great…for a while, but all the free tickets and trips weren’t enough to fill what was missing.

I was bored. I had crippling insomnia. I lost touch with my desires and passions. I drug myself through the week and by the weekend, the only fun I was having was drinking wine and watching Netflix in my pajamas.

I had two choices. I could keep ignoring the clear signs that I desperately needed a change (like leaving the bathtub running and forgetting it…standing up a friend because I forgot, or locking the keys in the car, twice!) or I could finally give myself permission to change my life.

I created The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™, because it was what a needed: a real solution to my unhappiness. No more waiting for “someday” and ignoring my dreams and desires.

The process I teach gave me absolute clarity on what was (and wasn’t) working in my life, a vision for what I wanted to create, and goals that felt, finally, like they were checking the “right” boxes. My boxes.

And that’s what I’m offering you.


Get clear on your vision for the life you always wanted and choose the right goals to create it, in four steps:


Design Your Big Picture

We get crystal-clear on your vision for the life you want to live. One that aligns with your values, connects to your desires and is filled with purpose, peace and pleasure, however you define it!


Define & Set Your Goals

When you have a clear vision to work from, you’ll know you’re choosing the right goals to create it. No more being stuck in overwhelm or indecision.


Connect To Your Why

When you know why your vision is important to you, you’ll have the motivation to do the work, and keep going when life tries to get in the way. You’ll also filter out all the goals that aren’t truly yours (the “shoulds” and guilt-goals aren’t welcome here).


Make Your Vision Achievable

Knowing where to start taking action can feel overwhelming! This step-by-step process for prioritizing and breaking big goals into actionable steps makes it easy. You pick the pace and the actions that feel realistic and achievable for you.

There is a way to bring your biggest goals to life - even if you’ve tried and failed (more than once) to accomplish them in the past.

The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ gives you the training and tools you need to:
  • Create a distraction-free environment that feels like a real retreat. Whether you log in from your couch or a cabin in the woods, it will feel special and intentional.
  • Get absolute clarity around your vision for all areas of your life, so you know you’re going after exactly what you truly want.
  • Define and prioritize your big goals and break them down into feel-good action steps so you have a concrete plan to achieve them.
  • Bust through the fears that have held you back in the past.
  • Move on from past mistakes, failures, or setbacks – and start fresh, empowered with the tools you need to work through any roadblocks that arise.
In just 2 days, you can transform the way you approach your goals and walk away with the belief that you can achieve them!
No more procrastinating on doing the work or feeling overwhelmed by the mountain it feels like you need to climb. No more feeling shame that you said you’d do something but still haven’t achieved it. And no more waiting for the “someday.”
You’ve got this! "Someday" starts today.

“This course breaks down all the steps, from where you’ve been and where you are now, to where you want to go - and identifying the goals that will get you there. I could do this process a couple times a year!”

Mark Brown

Technology Project Manager

“Goal-setting is so important, but it can feel overwhelming. If you are stuck, this course is for you. It’s going to transform how you approach your goals so you can get unstuck and finally start seeing results.”

Brittni Jo Schroeder

Business and Confidence Coach

How  The
48‑HR Planning Retreat™  Works

How   The
48‑HR Planning Retreat™  Works

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course

Learn basics like -  the structure of the program, how to access your course content, how to use the platform and who to reach out to if you need support.

Lesson 2: Set Up for Success

Learn how to create a retreat-like environment in your own home, eliminate distractions and create an optimal space to do your course work so you can stay focused and feel inspired.

STEP 1: Design Your Big Picture

Lesson 1: Reviewing Your Year

We’ll look back at the last year, identify what’s worked and what areas need more attention, and put things into perspective so you know exactly where you’ve been and what’s been holding you back.

Lesson 2: Visualizing your Big Picture

We’ll focus on where you want to go. We’ll visualize the future and focus on the life, career, and business you want to create for yourself so you know you’re getting exactly what you want.

STEP 2: Define & Set Your Goals

Lesson 3: Identifying Your Goals

Identify the goals (or steps) needed to get you from where you are now, to your visualized Big Picture so you can clearly create the path to your desired future.

STEP 3: Connect To Your Why

Lesson 4: Understanding Your Why

In the final lesson of Module 2, we’ll learn why and how your goals are meaningful to you and why it’s important to have an emotional connection to them in order to make continued progress.

STEP 4: Make Your Vision Achievable

Lesson 1: Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals

We’ll take the goals identified in the previous module a step further and run them through the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting process so you know exactly how to achieve each one.

Lesson 2: Overcoming Obstacles

You’ll learn the common obstacles that keep people from completing their goals and tips to help you work through these roadblocks so you can step out of the cycle of quitting.

Lesson 3: Prioritizing Like a Pro

You’ll learn how to determine which goal you want to work on first so you can eliminate the overwhelm of trying to do ALL the things, all at once.

Lesson 4: Mini Goal Milestones

You’ll learn how to break down your prioritized goal into bite-sized action steps so you can start checking things off your to-do list, build momentum, and see real progress fast.

Lesson 5: Scheduling Success Story

And finally, in our final lesson, you’ll schedule your action steps on your calendar so you’ll always have the time and know what to work on, when.

You’ll be guided through this simple process with video and audio lessons, plus downloadable workbooks for each module.

The Bonuses

The Bonuses

What’s better than a bonus? I’ve created some amazing tools to support you even further in achieving your most meaningful goals.

Bonus 1:

The How to Manage Your Time
(without Losing Your Mind) Masterclass

($97 value)

If you’ve been struggling to find time to commit to your goals, this masterclass is for you!

Bonus 2:

The 4 Steps to Clarify Your Calling Masterclass

($97 value)

If you’re at a crossroads in your career, job or business and ready for something new, this masterclass will help you get clear on your next steps so you can start taking action.

Bonus 3:

The 25 Ways to Celebrate on a Budget Workbook

($47 value)

Here’s everything you get when you enroll today:

Lifetime Access to The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ Course
Bonus: The How to Manage Your Time (without Losing Your Mind) Masterclass
Bonus: The 4 Steps to Clarify Your Calling Masterclass
Bonus: The 25 Ways to Celebrate on a Budget Workbook


Standard Payment Plan:

Pay-in-full today or choose a 0% interest payment plan!



Want personalized coaching and support with your goals?

Upgrade to VIP!

Upgrade to VIP!

The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ VIP option includes the same incredible course content as the Standard option, PLUS:

One 90-minute coaching call with me to further support you in achieving your goals. You can use our call together to:

  • Plan out your business goals, pitch plans and launches
  • Brainstorm your product or services offers
  • Ask any questions that came up as you worked through the Retreat
  • Work through a mindset block that's been keeping you from making progress
  • Work through a goal-related decision you've been trying to make
  • Talk about boundaries and support systems to help you achieve your goals
  • Create a plan to make more time for self-care

VIP Payment Plan:

Pay-in-full today or choose a 0% interest payment plan!



(VIP call must be scheduled within 6 months of purchase.)

"Going through Alexis’s program, I realized why I was never setting myself up for success before. I would make goals, but they were so broad or open ended I didn’t have a step by step game plan that I needed to achieve them. And the bigger issue was I wasn’t getting to the underlying reasons of the struggle: self-sabotaging behaviors that needed to be addressed and cleared. Alexis has a no-nonsense yet gentle approach to getting you to really ask yourself the hard questions and do the deep work you need in order to make your goals not only achievable but measurable. I now have a completely clear vision of who I am and what I’m doing!"

Maggie Dykzeul

Jeweler and Small Business Owner

Five years ago - two things happened that completely transformed my life.

First, a recession hit Alaska, and my husband was laid off from his job.

Up until that point, we were creating goals for the lives we wanted, but they were SAFE goals. House updates. Car upgrades. Travel in a couple of years. They weren’t super inspiring, fun, passionate goals. They weren’t jump out of bed and into your best damn life goals.

They were what we allowed ourselves to want.

It’s like wanting to order the delicious, tiered seafood platter and a bottle of Veuve, but instead, settling for a cheap shrimp cocktail and glass of Andre and telling yourself it’s just as good.

When we got the call that Eric’s company was closing it doors, it put a full stop on all of our safe (A.K.A. bland) goals.

We chose the goals based on the job and what it offered, instead of choosing goals and creating a vision that we truly wanted, and finding a way to make it happen.

When we realized that, we started asking ourselves the question - WHAT IF?

  • What if job security wasn’t on the table? What would we do differently?
  • What if we moved, sold the house, and finally worked for ourselves?
  • What if we went for our dreams now instead of waiting for “someday” which we both knew probably meant never?

That’s exactly what we did.

I quit my fancy job. My husband and I sold our house. We packed up our 5 pets, and we moved from a 5-bedroom home in Anchorage, Alaska to a 750 square-foot cabin in Boise, Idaho.

Everyone thought what we were doing was outrageous. They didn’t get it, especially in the early days when we were watching every penny and only had a couple of clients. But we knew what we wanted. To give our dreams a chance.

We were willing to sacrifice security, owning our own home, and the luxury of a freaking dishwasher to give it a go.

F*ck around and find out vibes!

We used the same process I teach in The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ to clarify our visions, map out our big goals, and take action.  

Seven years later, we've built businesses we enjoy with clients we care about who value us and the work we do. We have time for family, travel, and to pursue our passions. We go back to this course every year to reconnect and recommit to our visions and rework our goals.

It wasn't always easy, but would we do it again? HELL. YES!

Now it’s your turn to ask the question - WHAT IF?

What if this was the year that you felt totally aligned in your business, career, and life?

What if you LOVED the work that you do, and it lit you up instead of burning you out?

What if you recognized the beliefs that have kept you stuck in the past and decided it’s time to let them go?

What could be different about your life if you decided that TODAY was the day you’d make a change - and get the support you need to really do it?

I hope you’ll join me in the program!

The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ isn’t *just* another goal-setting program.

You’re going to learn my four-step formula to get crystal-clear on the vision you want for your life, connect with WHY you want it, define the RIGHT goals for your vision and learn how to make it achievable – even if you’ve failed in the past.

It doesn't matter if you've failed before. Let's leave the past in the past and start fresh TODAY, with practical strategies and new beliefs for what is possible for you.

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re so sure that you’ll get incredible value from The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ that if you implement the entire program in 30 days and aren’t satisfied for any reason - we’ll give you a refund. (See FAQ's for details)

Asked Questions

Asked Questions

You say 48-hours - but how much time will I really need to complete this?

Plan to spend a total of 8 hours completing the course work. We recommend splitting the work into two, 4-hour days. This will give you time to think and be intentional about your goal-setting.

Both the Basic and VIP Programs include the full 48-Hour Planning Retreat video course and course workbooks. The VIP program also includes a 90-minute private coaching session with Alexis.

What people are saying about
The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™:

“You’ve given us a checklist for HOW to reach your goals. Other courses don’t tell you how. It’s all fluff. You make my crazy goals achievable. It’s realistic, detailed, helpful and authentic. No fluff. I legit love it so DAMN much!”

Sammi Stortecky


“The process and structure like a retreat – it was more than a course to me. It was perfect (if perfect exists). You really set up the stage for success.”

Peppa Georgieva

Founder, The Instrovert Formula

Don’t put off your big plans for yet another year.

Join The 48-Hour Planning Retreat™ and finally set and schedule goals that stick!

Standard Payment Plan:

Pay-in-full today or choose a 0% interest payment plan!



or enroll with additional support with the VIP Program.

VIP Payment Plan:

Pay-in-full today or choose a 0% interest payment plan!



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